The New York Native Turns 1!

I’m sitting in my office, and I keep thinking that I smell cake. It’s driving me nuts that I cannot figure out the source of the aroma, but I do know one thing: there is a birthday today, and it’s mine. Well, okay, it’s not mine mine, but it is The New York Native’s. Of course, as I wrote in my first post, this whole thing came about because I had a birthday and a thoughtful someone decided to get me the domain name and set me up.


Anyway, here we are…one year later! I realized today that I’ve never properly introduced myself, so, hi, I’m Lauren, and I’m The New York Native.



Photo credit: J Demetrie Photography


I grew up on the Upper East Side and now live on the Upper West Side, and I work in the arts. I counsel actors-in-training by day, and I perform and produce by night. In my in-between time, I am on the constant hunt for exciting theater, great museums, delicious food, and free events. Thank you for letting me help you experience the best that our great city has to offer!


Now, if only I could find some cake….


~The New York Native


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