NY Phil Concert in the Park Tonight (with fireworks!)

In case you missed last night’s concert (or even if you didn’t), make sure to head over to the Great Lawn tonight for one of my most favorite summer events: the New York Philharmonic’s Concert in Central Park. I love it so much that I’ve even been known to venture to other boroughs to catch the concerts there, too…even if it’s the same program.


I’m so excited that I’m getting ahead of myself. If this is news to you, know this: every summer, the New York Philharmonic presents free concerts in all five boroughs…all you have to do is show up (with a picnic, preferably) and enjoy.


Here are The New York Native’s tips for a happy and successful evening:


  • Figure out where you are sitting in advance of arriving…there are quite a lot of people trying to find one another and you can’t rely on your cell phone to work! I always sit by the same base on the same ballfield.
  • The concert starts at 8:00pm but arrive earlier…it’s just so pleasant. Even if you arrive late, you will find a spot. There are a lot of people, but it’s a big lawn.
  • Bring layers. I’m no meteorologist, but bet that the temperature at night in the park is 10 degrees lower than it is outside of the park.
  • Games are fun, especially if you want to interact (quietly) with your concert companions. I played an epic game of UNO last night.
  • Avoid being jealous of your neighbor’s picnic by bringing your own. Tip within the tip: wine comes in cans and in juice boxes…do it.


Beethoven, friends, family, fireflies, fireworks…perfect night.


~The New York Native


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