Opening: TurnStyle

At a time when all of the outdoor markets are getting their start, it seems odd to mention a market that is not only indoors, but underground. While this type of phenomenon is par-for-the-course in Montreal, New Yorkers will be in for a new experience when they visit TurnStyle, the new collection of shops (24 of them) and restaurants (including three organic ones) underground at Columbus Circle, opening today.


Now, I enjoy shopping as much as the next person, but what really excites me is the food…Blossom Du Jour, Dylan’s Candy Bar, Doughnuttery, Ellary’s Greens, Gastronomie 491, and Pressed Juicery are now wonderfully accessible to those of us who live or work or ever travel through Midtown West/the Upper West Side. Sure, you will have to put up with the chaos of Columbus Circle to get there, but hopefully it will be worth it.



Under Columbus Circle

Enter on any corner of 57th/58th Street & 8th Avenue


~The New York Native


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