Your Weekend Plan…Yes, Already

This is one of those Mondays: it’s seemingly impossible to get out of bed and, when you look at the weather forecast for the week, all you see is more rain (and snow, depending on where in the city you are!) and clouds and cold.  I was so sure that I had put away my winter coat for the last time, but alas….


It is for this reason that we need to start making weekend plans…yes, already. Otherwise, how will we possibly be motivated to leave the comfort of a fluffy duvet and trudge into work each morning? Maybe you are luckier than I and get more than five measly sick days per year, but, if you aren’t, you are probably at work, too, dreaming of your next day off.


Unfortunately, we are looking at clouds and a high temperature of 46 degrees for Saturday (and Sunday is only marginally better, but at least we should see the sun!), but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t bring some color to your day!


If you haven’t already opened your idNYC membership to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, the time is now. This is truly one of the perfect times to go; unless you have children or are desperately in need of some Japanese drumming in your life, don’t bother waiting until Sakura Matsuri (direct translation: cherry blossom snowstorm…I love that) to see the cherry blossoms (which have already started anyway). It’s not super busy at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden…yet…and the garden is a very manageable size if you don’t have all day. If you don’t have a membership, you can arrive between 10:00am and 12:00pm on Saturday to get in for FREE. Even with this gray and unseasonably cool weather, you will most certainly appreciate the beauty of your surroundings.




If you live on the 4/5 or the 2/3, or any of the lines that go through Fulton Street, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is very easily accessible. One of the highlights of trekking out to Crown Heights, however, is a visit to Barboncino. I wrote about this place back in October, and it continues to be one of my favorite restaurants in the city. Before or after your visit to the gardens, grab brunch here. I love the Arugula Pizza, Sweet Apple Pizza, and the Nutella Calzone. You will all but forget that you traveled there in your winter coat.




~The New York Native


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